Importance of Smoke Alarms in Residential Kitchens

The importance of smoke alarms in a building, regardless of its size, can hardly be questioned. Smoke alarms play an important role in preventing injuries and deaths by warning inhabitants about the sudden outburst of fire. Since kitchens and heating furnaces are usually the places where fire accidents happen, it’s advisable to install top quality smoke alarms there.

The Fire Services Division Service in every city stresses upon the need to install a high quality smoke alarm in the kitchen area. Kitchen is crowded with combustible items and therefore, the risk of minor or major fire accidents is never zero.

When fire accidents do take place, smoke alarms can literally save lives. They can alert homeowners to request assistance from fire services department, police and save their valuable belongings before it’s too late.

If you don’t have it installed these useful devices in your home, may be now is the time to call a handyman service and get it done over a weekend!

How Does A Smoke Alarm Work?

Smoke alarms can have either one or both ionization & photoelectric mechanisms. The equipment may also be based on the latest heat sensor technology.

Ionization technology works by charging two plates. Ionized particles pass through these plates. When the kitchen catches fire, the smoke may pass through the plate, thereby interrupting the flow of ions between the plates. That’s when the alarm goes ON, alerting everyone inside the home.

In the case of photoelectric smoke detectors, alarm is triggered when smoke obstructs the path between light beam and photoelectric cell.

Where to Place a Smoke Alarm in Kitchen?

A handyman should place a smoke alarm away from the reach of children. The alarm can easily be triggered with slightest of smoke, especially when installed near chimney or exhaust fan region. So, have it positioned at a suitable location.

Smoke alarm device should release warning signals only when more than normal level of smoke is in the air. You can have a smoke alarm installed under the shelf or on the top of the wall away from exhaust fan, air vent, windows or other high air flow areas. You should also make sure it doesn’t come in contact with water or dampness. Water contact can damage the electrical set up.

There are certain alarms available which can be wired into systems connected to your bedroom. .

Benefits of Installing Smoke Alarm in Kitchen

A smoke alarm is a must-have for every kitchen. Not only can it save lives in extreme situations, a timely alert can also make it easier for fire fighters to reach the accident site on time.

Other Points to Consider

It’s always advisable to choose a hard-wired smoke alarm with a strong battery backup. While a handyman can advise you on the subject, you should also carry out some online research on your own. In case you have more than one smoke detector in your house, consider interconnecting them. Regularly check the battery and alarm bells of the smoke alarm installed in your kitchen.

Normally, holes on the surface of smoke alarms installed in kitchen may get clogged up with time and therefore, need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Smoke alarms are only a part of fire fighting strategy. You still need to plan proper escape routes so that everyone can get out in the event of a fire accident, safe and unharmed.

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