Guest Blog Rules for Fully Amped Electrical

We’ve recently received several requests for guest blog posts and have decided to open up our forum to allow posts for highly relevant and helpful material.  Our goal for this blog is to offer informative and fresh ideas that relate to this industry.  Does it need to be about Electricity? Maybe not, but it does need to centre around home improvement, DIY projects, money saving tips, etc.

Here are a few subjects that we would love to share:

  • Home Improvement Tips
  • Family Money Saving Advice
  • DIY Projects
  • Regular Home Maintenance Tips
  • Funny Stories (About having electricians, plumbers, etc. come into your home)
  • Fun, informative or interesting stories about electricity.
  • Children’s Science Projects (stories, tips, advice)

Our Rules and Guidelines for Approving Guest Posts:

  • Minimum of 500 Words
  • A photo to go along with the post
  • Links within the text for relevant sources/information only.
  • One link to your blog will be allowed in Author bio
  • Author bio and photo required.
    • Preferably one that is connected to Google+ & Gravatar
  • Content MUST be unique and ONLY posted on our site
  • We ask that you share your article across your social platforms
  • No keyword stuffed articles

Please email to enquire about being featured on our blog. Happy writing and we look forward to hearing from you.

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