LED Lighting Perth

Supply and installation of recessed 10W, 800 lumen LED downlight with 3 year replacement warranty. $60 GST Inclusive each, supplied and installed.

*Price is for replacement of 90mm halogen downlight, extra charges apply for new installations.

Lighting inside your home is crucial but many people often overlook the importance of lighting on the exterior of the home. LED lighting is a common choice for exterior lighting. There are several key benefits that can be achieved by using LED lighting as opposed to traditional lighting. We specialise in LED Lighting to ensure you get a high quality product and installation that will last for years to come.

Benefits of LED Lighting

One major benefit of LED lighting is a brighter light source that lasts longer than traditional light bulbs. They are commonly used for exterior lighting and are permitted to be used in environmental and task lighting. LED light bulbs are typically smaller in size and use less energy over the lifetime of a bulb. They also require replacement much less frequently and as a result will save you money. By using LED lighting you can save money on your electricity bill while having a brighter light.

Where To Install Your LED Lights

We can install LED lighting anywhere in and around your home. While it’s common to use LEDs for exterior security lighting, that is not the only use. We can install them inside your home for more efficiency throughout. LEDs are more than just lights you turn on and off as you please. We can also install sensor security so the lights will turn on when there is movement in the specified area. This can scare away intruders but also provide quality light if you come home late or have late night visitors.

Before you try to take on this type of install yourself, you need to understand the risks. A qualified Perth Electrician should be used for the install to avoid any accidents and ensure it’s done right the first time. Contact us for quotes and to get started.

I just want to thank you and your guys for the job that you did today. They arrived on time, were very pleasant and professional and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks again.

-John, Bicton


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