Electrical Tips

Here are some tips from our Perth electricians to solve some common electrical problems that can arise in your home.

Fully Amped Electrical are always happy to help. Why spend money on an electrician when some issues can be solved safely and legally without an electrician? REMEMBER: It is illegal and dangerous to do your own electrical work! Always use a licensed electrician for your electrical work.

Safety switch (RCD) has turned off and will not reset?

Quite often when you lose power due to your safety switch turning off it is an item that is plugged in to your power points that has caused the RCD to turn off. You can do some fault finding of your own without playing with electricity.

Start by turning off all of your power point switches and then removing all plugs from the sockets. Don’t forget hidden power points like fridges and dishwashers.

Once you have done this you can go back to your RCD and attempt to return the switch to the “ON” position. If the RCD returns to the “ON” position and stays on then one of the appliances that you unplugged was most likely causing the problem. If the RCD will not reset then call Fully Amped Electrical (08) 9393 3900.

No power or lights, and all switches and RCDs appear to be on?

Before calling us check with Western Power to make sure there are no disruptions in your area. There may be a blackout or if you have 3 phase power you may have “dropped a phase” and therefore some of your power is working and some is not. If there are no disruptions in your area call Fully Amped Electrical (08) 9393 3900.

Smoke alarm is beeping every minute or so?

The back up battery needs to be replaced.

Mains powered smoke alarms will have a clip on the side that will unhinge the head of the smoke alarm. Once the head has been unhinged you should be able to see the 9V battery inside. Remove the battery and replace it with a new 9V battery. Click the head back onto the base unit and then hold down the “TEST” button on the smoke alarm, triggering the alarm. Release the “TEST” button and the alarm should stop. If not then push the “HUSH” button to stop it.

The smoke alarm may beep a few more times for 10 minutes or so but should then return to normal. If the smoke alarm continues to beep for a long period of time then you will need to call Fully Amped Electrical (08) 9393 3900.

I just want to thank you and your guys for the job that you did today. They arrived on time, were very pleasant and professional and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks again.

-John, Bicton


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