House Rewires

House rewires are quite often required in houses that have old wiring that has deteriorated to the point that it is a hazard.

Over the years many types of wiring made from various materials have been used to wire houses. Some of the older wiring systems (usually pre-1970s) are extremely dangerous and if you have these older types of wiring in your house they pose a significant risk to you and your property. Some of these potentially hazardous types of wiring are:

  • Indian Rubber- A double insulated cable with aluminium wire that becomes brittle over time and literally falls apart when disturbed. This leaves exposed live conductors in your roof space and behind power points and light fittings.
  • Cotton insulated track wiring- This is a single insulated cotton covered cable. Over time the cotton deteriorates and leaves exposed live conductors in your roof space and behind power points and light fittings.

The introduction of RCDs (safety switches) has improved the safety of these types of wiring as any problems will usually be detected by the RCD, however Fully Amped Electrical highly recommends that these types of wiring be replaced with new double insulated wiring and all cable junctions be enclosed in junction boxes. We also recommend that all fuses be replaced with circuit breakers and RCDs as required and that the earthing system of your installation be upgraded. This is all included in Fully Amped Electrical’s house rewires.

If you are interested in house rewires for your Perth home and you would like us to visit and assess the wiring, call us today on (08) 9393 3900.

I just want to thank you and your guys for the job that you did today. They arrived on time, were very pleasant and professional and cleaned up after themselves. Thanks again.

-John, Bicton


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